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We do not collect any of your data, track your usage, or view your reminders. Your app is all yours.

Creating Reminders

The Heritage Insurance app can create reminders for the routine tasks that should be done around the home or for reminding you when your insurance policies are due.

To create a reminder to renew an insurance policy:

App Step 1Step 1

Tap My Reminders on the landing page of the app.






App Step 2Step 2

The View All Reminders screen shows you all the reminders you currently have set.

Tap on a reminder will allow you to edit or delete that reminder.

Tap on the Add Reminder button at the bottom right of the screen to add a new reminder.




App Step 3Step 3

Fill in your reminder details.

The first drop-down list allows you to categorize your reminder by Personal insurance, Business insurance, or by pre-configured tasks.

Choosing Personal or Business will let you name your reminder and add the policy expiration date.

The next field lets you choose how many days before the expiration date you want to be reminded. For example, if your policy expires on December 31 and you to be reminded 2 weeks before then, just enter 14 into the field. Leaving it blank or setting it to 0 will create a reminder on the expiration date.

Choosing Pre-configured Tasks will open a second drop-down list of available tasks. Choosing one of these will automatically fill in the Date Due and Remind Me x Days Prior fields.

You can use the last field to enter whatever notes may be important for this policy’s renewal.

Tap Save Reminder in the bottom-right corner. Congratulations, you’ve created a reminder!

App Step 4Step 4

If you tap on a reminder in the View All Reminders screen you can edit all the fields in the reminder, even for Pre-configured tasks. Don’t forget to tap Save Changes when you’re done!

You can also choose Delete Reminder when you no longer need it.




Technical Support

For technical support with the Heritage App, or to report a bug, please contact Heritage Insurance at (306) 693-7640.

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