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Has life gotten in the way of saving for the future? You know the benefits of contributing to an RRSP, and you still have time on your side to plan for a successful retirement. Your financial comfort during retirement could depend on how effectively you save today. READ MORE >>

Almost another year in the books. With the busy schedule of coaching hockey, watching baseball and soccer, and ensuring individuals and families financial needs are looked after, the months tend to fly by. With that said, there are plenty of positives that come from that. READ MORE >>

Every week or so, I encounter many prospective clients who look to purchase life insurance coverage or are wishing to set up RRSP accounts to assist in funding their retirement. A common situation that comes up is that many of these clients have existing coverage in place as well as existing RRSP's that they have set up throughout the years. READ MORE >>

When it comes to fulfilling your wishes, you want a sense of security. You want to feel empowered, knowing you have made the right estate planning decisions. You want to know you have adequately prepared for the financial well-being of your loved ones. READ MORE >>

Many people believe as they get older and become more financially independent, their need for life insurance decreases. You may not realize that life insurance can provide more than financial protection for a family to maintain its standard of living should a parent die prematurely. READ MORE >>

With the current volatility in today's markets, many investors are cautious as to where to park their hard earned dollars. A big threat to one's retirement savings value come retirement is volatility. If not planned and allocated properly, one's nest egg can be impacted in a big way. READ MORE >>

As the RRSP season is nearing a close, I would like to address a topic that fits with that topic of saving for retirement. Recent surveys indicate that nearly half of Canadians don't know the amount of money they'll need when they retire. READ MORE >>

A few years back around this time, I wrote an article on preparing your financial planning around potentially incurring a major illness. What would happen to your RRSP should you become sick and not have the necessary funds to get us through that time period in our lives? READ MORE >>

As a general rule, RRSPs are a good choice for longer-term goals such as retirement, while TFSAs work better for more immediate objectives, such as a home down payment. But because of its tax advantages, TFSAs should not be overlooked as a retirement savings vehicle. READ MORE >>

The thought of retirement seems far away, doesn't it? As we all know, time flies by and procrastinating definitely hinders our ability to grow our money. When we are dealing in the investment world, having time on our side is a huge component to substantial growth. So the earlier we start, the better chance we have of reaching our goal. READ MORE >>

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