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Wildfires are common risks, especially in Western Canada. These fires can spread quickly and can put people in danger immediately. It is never advisable to stop and try to save a vehicle or other assets from wildfire. Instead, evacuate as soon as you can. Doing so can save your life and help you protect your family's lives as well. READ MORE >>

October is Fire Safety Month. With cooler weather the Canadian plains — and Thanksgiving this month — now is the time to protect against fire risks. Here are our Top 10 fire prevention tips: Watch your cooking: Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or broiling food. READ MORE >>

A fire can quickly spread throughout a home. If you can't get the flames extinguished, you could lose your home and your most precious possessions within minutes. While losing everything in a fire can be devastating, home insurance can help you pick up the pieces. Your policy can help with a variety of needs, including cleanup. READ MORE >>

Before buying your fire pit, make sure you understand your city bylaws regarding their use. Read the manual that comes with your fire pit and follow instructions. Call the manufacturer regarding any questions you may have. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy, and make sure it is in good working condition, and not close to its expiration date. READ MORE >>

Greg discusses best practices for fire pits in this episode of Ask The Expert. 800 CHAB radio presents Ask the Expert with Greg Marcyniuk of Heritage Insurance located in Moose Jaw. Here's a full transcript of the episode. Rob Carnie: We're with Greg Marcyniuk today from Heritage Insurance. READ MORE >>

We recently shared some safety tips for barbecues. As you prepare to fire up those grills for summer, we wanted to share a few more safety tips specific to charcoal grills. Tips for Charcoal Grilling Ensure that your charcoal briquette barbecue is well ventilated, as poisonous gases like carbon monoxide are released from the briquettes. READ MORE >>

Before you step out on your back patio or your cottage deck to begin, there are a few steps you must take to ensure that your propane or natural gas barbecue is in safe, good working order. Follow These Safety Tips As You Inspect Your Barbecue Dirt and debris can build up inside the grill over the winter months. READ MORE >>

As Canada Day approaches, Greg shares tips for avoiding the dangers associated with fireworks in Saskatchewan. 800 CHAB Radio presents Ask the Expert with Greg Marcyniuk of Heritage Insurance located in Moose Jaw Here's a transcript of this episode: Rob Carnie: Everybody likes fireworks, but fireworks can be dangerous. READ MORE >>

As Fire Prevention Month winds down, Greg discusses fire prevention tips for clients in Saskatchewan, Regina, and Moose Jaw. 800 CHAB radio presents Ask the Expert with Greg Marcyniuk of Heritage Insurance located in Moose Jaw. READ MORE >>

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