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Your home is filled with possessions. Would you be able to remember what was lost or stolen in the event of a fire or theft? Would you have enough insurance to replace everything? An inventory worksheet will assist you in listing your personal property. READ MORE >>

You notice a damp spot on the ceiling in your home. You climb up there and find that it really is wet. You even enter the attic to find out where it is coming from. You can't tell, but you surmise it may be the roof. It’s time to take action, and that action could be to file a home insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Spring cleaning safety is not normally on people's minds when they begin to haul out all those cleaning supplies and equipment, but it should be. Everyday we need to be careful when going about our household chores, but when you really start tearing the house apart and moving things around dur... READ MORE >>

Greg discusses the claim filing process for clients in Saskatchewan, Regina, and Moose Jaw. 800 CHAB radio presents Ask the Expert with Greg Marcyniuk of Heritage Insurance located in Moose Jaw. READ MORE >>

Whether you own a home or vehicle, safety is crucially important. Not only can it help prevent insurance claims, but it can also save lives. Be aware of the following safety tips: For the Home Every month should be fire prevention month, but we tend to plug in a lot more devices in the fall and winter. READ MORE >>

Home insurance can be beneficial in a variety of unexpected circumstances, but certain types of claims are made more frequently than others. To effectively evaluate your coverage, it's good to understand the most common home insurance claims to be sure you'd be protected if you find yourself in a similar situation. READ MORE >>

There are times that some claims are just not covered. One of the most frequent would be unregistered vehicles and/or parts. Many of our clients assume that once it's parked in the garage, your home policy will cover it. Unfortunately that's not the case, but coverage can be provided on a package policy for a minimum amount of money. READ MORE >>

A break-in can be a very traumatic experience. Break-ins cost Canadian insurance companies millions of dollars each year in claim payments. This cost is shared by policyholders through increased premiums. By making your home more secure, you can save yourself inconvenience and money. READ MORE >>

Imagine calling your home insurance company to file a claim regarding an issue in your home — only to realize the loss you experienced is not covered under your policy. Misconceptions about what is included in a homeowners insurance policy happen every day. READ MORE >>

It's great to get away for a while, but a vacation may be interrupted if you're worried about the security of your home. It's a known fact that most burglars look for easy targets that appear to be empty. They select homes that they can easily slip in and out of with a minimal chance of being noticed. READ MORE >>

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