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Deciding to buy a life insurance policy is a big decision. Namely, you will need to make sure the money goes where you want it to after your death. Therefore, you will have to name a policy beneficiary. Who is this party? Understanding Beneficiaries The beneficiary is a party you choose to receive the life insurance payout—the death benefit. READ MORE >>

You and your spouse both contribute a lot of money to your lifestyle. So, if something happens to one of you, life insurance might need to step in cover the costs of such a loss. What are some of the ways that spouses can work together to get the life insurance that’s appropriate for each person? READ MORE >>

No one can underestimate the importance of life insurance. However, there is no right answer when it comes to coverage. The policy you need might prove different from that of your neighbor. A particularly beneficial type of life insurance is participating coverage. READ MORE >>

>As a small business owner, you may employ at least one individual who is essential to your success. This person may be a partner or have a unique expertise that's unmatched.   If this person's exit from the business is planned, you can prepare for the loss and take the necessary steps to minimize the impact. READ MORE >>

Did You Know? University-bound children's parents can expect to pay at least a half to a third of the cost of their children's education with their current income, savings and loans. Therefore, parents should start saving for their children's future sooner rather than later, even on the day that your little one is born. READ MORE >>

As you get older, you're probably going to take pride in all you've built in your life. But, as the years roll on, it's also time to think about the day when you won't be around anymore. You want to make it easier for your loved one to pick up the pieces after your passing. READ MORE >>

Life insurance premiums are calculated after looking at an individual’s health risk factors, such as tobacco use, cholesterol level, obesity, diabetes and family history. Modifying controllable health and lifestyle factors will reduce your life insurance premium, in addition to making you healthier! READ MORE >>

I thought I would share a rather interesting perspective on what a life insurance policy means to an individual or family. Through the years, I have run across many people who look at Life Insurance as just a product that they may or may not require. READ MORE >>

Almost another year in the books. With the busy schedule of coaching hockey, watching baseball and soccer, and ensuring individuals and families financial needs are looked after, the months tend to fly by. With that said, there are plenty of positives that come from that. READ MORE >>

Isn't it amazing how quickly things change? Our family grows larger or smaller over the years, and the size of our home usually changes with it. It seems we're always renovating, moving, upsizing, or downscaling to meet our needs. We buy new things, replace the old with the new, or sometimes add those well-deserved little luxuries along the way. READ MORE >>

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