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Did You Know? University-bound children's parents can expect to pay at least a half to a third of the cost of their children's education with their current income, savings and loans. Therefore, parents should start saving for their children's future sooner rather than later, even on the day that your little one is born. READ MORE >>

Has life gotten in the way of saving for the future? You know the benefits of contributing to an RRSP, and you still have time on your side to plan for a successful retirement. Your financial comfort during retirement could depend on how effectively you save today. READ MORE >>

I thought I would share a rather interesting perspective on what a life insurance policy means to an individual or family. Through the years, I have run across many people who look at Life Insurance as just a product that they may or may not require. READ MORE >>

Almost another year in the books. With the busy schedule of coaching hockey, watching baseball and soccer, and ensuring individuals and families financial needs are looked after, the months tend to fly by. With that said, there are plenty of positives that come from that. READ MORE >>

Isn't it amazing how quickly things change? Our family grows larger or smaller over the years, and the size of our home usually changes with it. It seems we're always renovating, moving, upsizing, or downscaling to meet our needs. We buy new things, replace the old with the new, or sometimes add those well-deserved little luxuries along the way. READ MORE >>

Every week or so, I encounter many prospective clients who look to purchase life insurance coverage or are wishing to set up RRSP accounts to assist in funding their retirement. A common situation that comes up is that many of these clients have existing coverage in place as well as existing RRSP's that they have set up throughout the years. READ MORE >>

In the past, I have written many articles on how important it is to work with a financial advisor. A big reason to this is that an advisor knows all the ins and outs of the financial world. It is their field of expertise, to which they have all the tools needed to assist individuals or families in providing guidance to achieve their goals and objectives. READ MORE >>

Nowadays, it appears to be the norm for a workplace to have a group benefits package. With that package comes life insurance coverage as part of the plan. Many individuals assume this may be all they need when covering their lives. Are they correct on their assumption? READ MORE >>

Retirement. When the time comes, will you be ready? You've worked too hard to leave things to chance. It's time for some solid financial advice. 50 percent of households with a plan feel on track to retire when they want – compared to only 22 percent with no plan.* READ MORE >>

We all know, or have heard, of people who have suffered from a heart attack, stroke or cancer. I know myself recently I have had a couple of immediate family members impacted by this. Therefore, I have decided to revisit this topic. READ MORE >>

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