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The overall revenue for Canada's trucking industry is, by some estimates, more than $25 billion. All the same, to maximize income, competition and savings potential, commercial truckers must protect themselves with adequate insurance. Indeed, in most cases, commercial truckers in Saskatchewan must provide proof of coverage, by law. READ MORE >>

Before you tow a trailer for the first time, check with the dealer to determine the towing capacity of the towing vehicle, and what extra towing equipment you may need — such as heavy duty shocks and springs or a transmission cooler. Registration fees and premiums are based on the class and type of trailer and should be determined prior to towing. READ MORE >>

Every commercial truck in Saskatchewan needs trucking insurance. Namely, these vehicles need liability insurance. In most cases, the liability limits your truck must carry will vary based on several factors. Yet, the principle is that you carry enough to insure the risks you pose to others. READ MORE >>

Saskatchewan is a large province. Weather patterns can vary based on location. For truckers, that means planning for the different conditions one may encounter on the road. Now that September is here, you should start planning for winter. It can strike early in this part of the world. READ MORE >>

Canadian winters are often long, and driving during these periods can prove hazardous. If you are a trucker, then you likely know the special precautions that you must take on the road. Winter should double your commitment to safe driving. Trucking means exposing not just your truck, but also your cargo to dangers. READ MORE >>

As a trucker, you have an obligation to deliver your cargo to its destination on time, without damage. Doing so helps your long-haul trucking company retain its reputability. It also reduces the insurance risks that the trucking company poses to itself and its clients. READ MORE >>

Your trucking company has a goal of delivering a client's goods to different locations. That's why your business is highly dependent on its reputation for safe transportation. You need to deliver cargo and orders safely and efficiently. Your clients want to know that you will get their goods to their destinations safely. READ MORE >>

As a professional truck driver, you come into contact with thousands of other drivers each day. It is your responsibility to ensure that you drive safely in order to protect your company's interests. It's important to note that your health — including your diet — affects your ability to drive. READ MORE >>

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